Cripple Creek, Colorado

High atop the Rocky Mountains on the Western side of America's Mountain, Cripple Creek lies in a vast bowl created by Earth, Wind & Fire!
This has been my home for 20 years. I raised my kids here, built a ranch, raised horses and cows and assorted farm animals and buried my husband in the shadow of this Magnificent Mountain.
So, saddle up yer pony and ride along with me as I share some of my experiences riding trails and photographing my world in this, the most beautiful of spaces!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Kid Stuff in Cripple Creek!

One of the MOST common complaints I hear constantly about Cripple Creek is "There is nothing for kids to do in Cripple Creek".  This blog will attempt to help families decide if that is true or not!
So, by the banner above, you can tell that the City Parks N Rec dept has a Skateboard Competition coming June 4th 2011!  Call Them and get yer kids signed up and Boarders, Start Yer Engines! 719-689-3514
AND you can see the 2011 Active Calendar HERE:
For every kid, there is something to do. 
Skating, Rollerblading, Cub Scouts, Aikido, Zumba Dance (for kids? WHY NOT? lol)
I grew up in the country side, with NOTHIN' available to entertain ME!  I have a very hard time understanding why folks complain about NOTHING TO DO IN CRIPPLE CREEK.  What more could one want? 
You can walk down the streets safely, go to the parks, get ANYWHERE via the City Shuttle service, hit a swingset, people watch, pet donkeys........and that is just in town!
So, keep an eye here!  I will be digging round to find out what kids can do here in the Creek, besides the mineralogy, (rock collecting) plant collecting birdwatching donkey identifying or how about helping some old folks sweep their sidewalks or weed their garden? 
If YOU happen to have a kid friendly event, feel free to post your ideas and comments!  I would love to hear what you have to say about
NOTHIN for Kids to DO in Cripple Creek!

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