Cripple Creek, Colorado

High atop the Rocky Mountains on the Western side of America's Mountain, Cripple Creek lies in a vast bowl created by Earth, Wind & Fire!
This has been my home for 20 years. I raised my kids here, built a ranch, raised horses and cows and assorted farm animals and buried my husband in the shadow of this Magnificent Mountain.
So, saddle up yer pony and ride along with me as I share some of my experiences riding trails and photographing my world in this, the most beautiful of spaces!


Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Cripple Creek World

My New Digs on the Main Drag in Cripple Creek! This photo below is obviously before i got the sign placed on the window!

Here in Cripple Creek this summer you just never know what is gonna come down the road! I sit here in my office at Gold Country Realty and watch the world drive by, and sometimes I am lucky enough to get pictures. Today, Saturday, July 26 happens to be the National Day of the Cowboy. In honor of this day, the local Saddle Club out of Woodland Park, Co had a commemorative Trail Ride from Cripple Creek to Victor, Colorado, through some of Colorado's most spectacular mine country. Take a look browse the photos and enjoy!

These are some friends that I horseback ride with.

Thats it for now, I am waiting for the Trail Riders to come off the hill at about 10,000 ft elevation and its lightening and raining out, and the train whistle is a blowin and echoin through the mountains and valleys! Its another beautiful day in the High Country!
Happy Trails, Carrie
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